Just A Simple ‘Please’

We were  in two cars, driving home from some training that had gone late into the evening. From the backseat, a sweet voice piped up: “Dad, I think I need to pray to ask Jesus to save me.”

What followed was a sweet conversation, both in the car and at home, tracing the story of Jesus through the Bible. Reviewing truths. Remembering Jesus. Why He came. Why He lived. Why He died. Why He rose.

After several minutes of conversation at home where I had joined them, my husband asked our daughter, “So, now that you know all of that, what do you think you need to do?”

She replied, gently folding her hands, “I need to pray and ask God ‘please.'”

That was it. A simple request. One word. We clarified what was behind the simple ‘please,’ but her prayer and that one word stayed with me as I fell asleep that night.
There was something about the way she said it. Something about the confidence. The trust. The faith. The hope. The security.
She had no fear. No worries. No confusion.
She approached God in a simple way because it was that clear to her. She simply believed that what she knew of Him was truth. That He would do as He said He would. That she simply needed to ask.


So much contained in such a simple word. The faith of a child. A glimpse through the curtain and into eternity.


It transported me back. Back to when faith was that clear in my mind. When God was that good and trustworthy. When a simple request with honest confession was all that was needed. I felt the weight of my years. The swirling confusion of my struggles. The depth of all my questions. And a quiet calm brushed through it all.


The Father stands ready. Arms outstretched. Full of delight. Full of unfathomable love. Ready. Waiting. For every child to come home.
We approach and hesitation begins to melt away as the love in His eyes draws us closer.
But still. The chasm remains. We must choose to cross it. We must accept and receive.
The gift is free. The Giver is longing to be give it. This gift that is living and breathing. Full of power and love. The gift is ours for the asking.


The glimmers of eternity settled deep into my spirit. Declaring their truth. The depth of their riches. The surety of their promise.
One day we will know Him in all the clarity of a child. In perfect awe and wonder. With flawless trust and confidence in who He is and what He says.
This will be eternity with Him. This will be the joy of His presence. This will be the delight in His goodness. This will be the trust in His words.
And eternity’s light filters down. It’s rays touching the dark and brokenness of this world today. Every dull and dismal aspect of my life. It warms. It heals. It brings life.
We can live today in that warmth. That life. That truth.
We have received a gift that is good beyond our understanding. A gift given so very simply.







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