Will You See?

I saw her today.

The biological mom to 7 children who are no longer in her care.

She’s pregnant.


I had to pull the car over because I was sobbing. Pictures were flashing in front of my eyes. Pictures of babies, toddlers, little children who were in desperate need of basic care. Naked. Hungry. Bruised. Afraid. Locked in a room with a mattress on the floor. A floor littered with broken glass, trash, dirty diapers, drug paraphernalia. Dark brown eyes peeking out at the camera. The camera held by strangers. Strangers who were there to carry them out of the only world they had ever known. Carrying them out into a huge world that was now colored by the fear of their experiences.

I have known some of those children for three and a half years. I know how their history mashes together with their present and their future. I have battled through so many of their wars with them. I will never be the same now that I have seen the world through their eyes.

And now there is another baby.

Another baby that I cannot reach.

And I see.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

And now I turn to you. My friends. My brothers and sisters in Christ.

I turn to you with tears streaming down my cheeks. With arms that are full. With a heart passionate for the work that God has called me to do.

I turn to you and ask, “Will you see?”

Will you see her there standing on the sidewalk? A hot pink shirt stretched over a belly containing a precious life. Limbs that are shaking from a lifetime of self medicating to cover abuse and emotional pain. She has a mother’s heart. She has chosen life at least 8 times. But she simply cannot care for these little ones. She doesn’t know how. She needs help. She needs true love. She needs someone to join her there. Right there on the sidewalk. Right there in her life. Right there in the horrific mess that she knows as normality. Will you see her?

Will you see the man standing there beside her? The latest in a string of men. I don’t know his story but I know the kinds of men that have stood there before him. Violent. Drunken. Abusers. Lost. Alone. Seeking to control the chaos that is swirling all around them. Men who were likely treated the same way by the other men in their life. Men who are broken. Men who have never known the gentle, meek, strong love of a man of God. Men who are so very tired. So very lost in the path they have walked. They cannot see another way. And so they drink. They rage. They hurt. They abuse. Will you see him?

Will you see that little baby? The one there covered in that hot pink shirt. Will you take a good look at the life it has been given? We call for life. We shout against abortion. But will you see this little one? Will you see it in the naughty, dirty, vulgar child in your neighborhood? Will you see it in the rough teenagers you avoid at the park? Will you see it in the outcast who stirs up trouble in your youth group? Will you see this little life?

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

I understand that I have been called to a specific ministry. I understand that you may not feel God’s tug in the same areas I do.

But are you looking?

Do you see?


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  1. We have a 15 year old and an 9 year old who has been through these things far to much to list. They now have a glimpse of normal and stability. We tried to help the mother but she seemed to like the life style. Always looking for love but never finding it, always being used. These children suffer so much and are scared for life.

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