God’s Good Gifts

Last night I went shopping for the kiddos’ Easter baskets. So. Much. Fun! Seriously. I absolutely love wandering the aisles until I find the perfect things for each one. Bright colors. Yummy candies. Family activities. I’ve got it all.

The perfect summer sandals for each little girl’s personality. A new summer hat for everyone (my kids LOVE hats). Favorite treats. Fun breakfast items. Egg dyeing supplies. Matching Easter buckets for all the boys. Hot pink bow ties. Yep. Because my 10-year-old specifically requested that very thing (!!!). Nail polish for the little toes that will be sporting the new sandals. Bubbles. Chocolate.

I came home and the hardest thing in the world was to wait for all the kids to go to bed so I could lay it all out on the floor and look at it again.

I absolutely love to give my kids gifts. I love shopping for them. Planning for them. Presenting them. Hunting for the perfect thing. I love everything about it. Giving my children good things is so much fun.

As I was re-organizing and putting it all very carefully away last night, I started thinking. All the excitement. All the love. All the joy. All of the energy I put into giving my children good things. God does the same for His children.

I know you know it’s true, but do you really view God that way?

“If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!”
~Matthew 7:11

“…Who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.”
~Psalm 103:5

Our God loves to give us good gifts! I don’t know that I’ve always viewed Him this way. I know for me, I have typically “praised Him in the storm” or blessed His name whether He “gives or takes away” or trusted Him “though He slay me.” All of those things are true. This makes the character of our God so rich and true. We can trust Him even in the valleys. But not every circumstance fits into the “all things work together for good” category.

As a loving parent, I also discipline and train my children. I make them do their homework. I ask them to do chores. I even require them to eat their broccoli. They can look at all those things and determine that “though I make them eat their broccoli, yet I love them.” I want them to see that! I want them to trust my goodness even though broccoli is “so gross!” But that’s not all I want them to see! I love to be with them. I love to make them laugh. I love to buy them ice cream. Run at the park with them. Snuggle in bed and talk about their day. Take them on trips to the zoo. I spaz out at Christmas time and spend hours planning and searching for gifts I know they will love.

Sometimes God delights in giving His children good gifts. Period. Because He is good. Because He loves us. He is that good. That loving. It’s not a trick. I am fairly positive you really don’t have to look very hard to find God’s good gifts in your life.

Count them. Shout them out. Thank Him for them. Praise His name for His goodness!

He forgives our iniquities. He heals our diseases. He redeems our lives from the pit. He crowns us with steadfast love and mercy. He satisfies us with good. (Psalm 103) He has blessed us. He chose us. He predestined us for adoption. He has given us an inheritance. (Ephesians 1)

There are just so many good spiritual gifts that God has given us. My list could go on and on and on. But I don’t believe those are the only good things He blesses us. I believe you and I can look around us right this minute and list good gifts that God has given us.

My home. My husband. My children. Every precious single one of them! A cute coffee mug. A comfy leggings and sweater combo. A pretty and practical office space. Soft blankets for my children. Coffee. Smiles. Quiet afternoons. Noisy mornings filled with laughter, wrestling, and stacking blocks.

Some of these may seem frivolous and unimportant. But I truly don’t think they are. God has given us so many good things. His evident goodness in our lives is the foundation with which we can say “though you slay me, yet will I hope in you (Job 13:15).” Somehow, I don’t think we will truly be able to say this of God in the darkness if we haven’t praised and recognized His goodness in the light. It’s not one or the other. He is both. He is good. And it’s time we started proclaiming His goodness.

This is our loving heavenly Father. He loves you. And He loves to give you good things.

So come on! If you are God’s child. If He is your loving Father. Count them. Shout them out. Thank Him for them. Praise His name for His goodness!

What are God’s good gifts in your life? What are you thanking and praising Him for this Easter season. God’s children shouldn’t be beaten down, trodden over, sad people proclaiming that we will trust Him even if He slaughters us. I mean, yes, that’s true. But our God is good. His steadfast love endures forever. You. Are. His. His love for you will last forever. He is good. Let’s praise Him for His good gifts.

 “Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.”
~Psalm 136:1gift-1196258

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  1. Justin says:

    I am thankful that He allows us to grow and change each day by the power of His Spirit. I’m thankful that ‘I’m not who I was.’

  2. WilliamTuh says:

    This is one awesome article post. Much obliged. Hoagberg

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