The Lives of My Children

Every day I’m surrounded by little faces. Sometimes very literally. And every single day, as I look into their eyes, I can’t help but think, “the world would’ve had these precious children killed.”

Each one of my children was conceived in less than ideal circumstances. In every single situation, abortion would’ve made the most sense. Abortion would’ve “solved the problem.” Abortion would’ve been the smart, safe, kind, helpful option to everyone involved in the situation.

This breaks my heart. I am surrounded by 6 of the most precious souls that ever lived. They have endured massive hurts and yet they are learning to love. To extend kindness instead of hurt. To give instead of demand. To forgive instead of requiring personal justice.

The world would’ve been robbed of their smiles. Their laughter. Their stories.

Their parents would not have had their hearts and lives opened up for others to reach into.

Please care about my children. Please care about the babies dying every minute of every day. Please care about the men and women who conceived these babies. Who are trying to raise these children. Who are trying to make sense of their lives that are broken without Christ. Please care about the women who have had abortions and now long with broken hearts for the babies they never got to meet. Please care about the confusion and chaos that our world is in.

I know it’s a huge issue. I know there is so much to be done that you can’t do it all. I know it seems hopeless. But it’s not. You can change a life by what you give today. You can change a life by who you love today. You can change a life by how you pray today.2016-02-26 21.21.14-2

What is it that God has placed on your heart to do?

Do it.

The lives of the children, the children just like my children. Their lives require it.




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